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  I specialise in assisting the over 40s and those who struggle with a lack of energy, low mood and are short of time to plan, organise and train every day. As part of my coaching, I support you in achieving your health and fitness goals, whether that’s feeling 10 years younger, loosing weight, or helping you to improve your productivity, attention, and energy levels. With over 10 years’ experience in health and fitness training, I know that everybody is different.

  I know that what works for one person, doesn’t mean it will work for another, which is why my training and nutrition plans are designed specifically for youyour body and your goals. I always take a client centred approach to help you find a realistic and long-term plan that you can stick to and the best way to do this is by helping you make lifestyle changes which mean you can achieve long term lasting results.

I’m Adam Glover, a qualified MNU certified nutritionist and level 4 personal trainer based in Loughborough.

Bespoke Personal Training Programmes

I understand everyone has different abilities and fitness levels, which is why I offer bespoke personal training programmes for both individuals and small groups. This includes:

  • 1-1 personal training based on the your goals
  • Small group online training (maximum 4 people)
  • Online 1-2-1 personal training
  • Constant support, guidance and accountability throughout the duration of your training programme



Nurtritional coaching sessions

 As well as personal training sessions, I can also provide you with Nutritional coaching. This is where you receive guidance and support on making changes to your diet, which will further support and enhance your personal training plan, giving you more energy and helping you to achieve your goals faster. My personalised nutrition coaching sessions are as follows:


Personalised nutrition assessment/consultation starting from £99*


Nutrition follow ups


Online nutrition and training coaching (POA)

Adam Glover Nutrition

What is Personal Training?

Personal training involves hiring a personal trainer to help you meet your fitness goals through their knowledge, skills, and abilities. 

I can’t lose the weight for you, but I can use my expertise to develop a fully bespoke programme and provide you with the motivation to help you improve your fitness and meet your goals.

Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer?

Working with a personal trainer can sometimes be the difference between meeting your goals or not. Beyond the actual exercise plans, I can help you with your exercise form to ensure you avoid injury, help you to set realistic and attainable long-term goals that help you achieve lasting change, and help you to remain accountable for reaching these.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

 “As a female it can be somewhat intimidating working with a male PT, however Adam is really welcoming puts any worries you have at ease, really taking the time to understand his clients.

Adam is a fantastic knowledge base and always drops in key nutrition and fitness information along the way, whilst I have tried plenty of online programmes out there I feel like that having weekly sessions gives me accountability and motivation to push myself much more than I would if I went it alone.

Adam is always there for help and support in between my sessions if needed and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to friends and family”Charlotte, 33

“Adam really puts the person in personal training! This chubby, menopausal woman approached Adam with a very specific fitness goal and he accepted the challenge without any doubt. His experience as a trainer and understanding of the effects of the menopause/women’s health have me well on the way to achieving that goal. I can see my strength and confidence building week on week.

His nutritional advice is second to none. I was nervous about being given the same old chat about less of this, less of that but he gave me very specific advice that supports my training while understanding that life isn’t always easy and approaches food and diet in a none judgemental way. I would highly recommend Adam if you are nervous about starting your fitness journey or want to achieve any fitness goals.”

Lynn, 45

“I’m an experienced weightlifter who over the years has had multiple trainers and I’ve
trained with Adam any time I’ve been in Loughborough. He’s a highly effective trainer
and a great guy. Adam will challenge you but never push you beyond your limits. I’d
recommend him to anyone looking to try personal training for the first time and to a
more experienced lifter looking for someone to keep them motivated.”

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