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Joined the gym, but still not seeing results? Our nutritional coaching can help.

I’m Adam, a certified nutritionist based in Loughborough and working across the surrounding local area, and I’m here to guide and support you on your journey to improving your health and fitness.

As a Nutrition Coach, I offer one to one nutrition coaching programs designed to meet your individual requirements and help you to achieve your goals, whether that’s losing weight and keeping it off, maintaining a healthier lifestyle or building muscle.  My Nutrition programs work best when they are supported with a Personal Training plan, however if you are only interested in receiving support for making dietary change then this is possible too.

I recommend that anyone interested in achieving lasting change either through their diet, training or both; books a free, no obligation 20 minute call where you can discuss your requirements and to see if we are a good ‘fit’ for working with one another.

Adam Glover Course Timeline

A Nutritional Specialist for individuals with Diabetes and Obesity

 We know how important your diet is when you’re battling with conditions such as Diabetes and Obesity. You want to make a change, but you keep hitting brick wall after brick wall and it is affecting your ability to achieve your goals – we can help. As a Level 4 specialist in Obesity and Diabetes we have the knowledge and experience in understanding the causes and pathophysiology of these conditions and dietary strategies and training approaches, which can help you to manage them, overcome any challenges and achieve your goals, all within a supportive and knowledgeable environment.

If you’d like to find out more about how we might be able to help you, book one of our Free, No obligation, 20 minute calls where we can discuss your condition/s, what you’d like to achieve and create an viable plan which will help you in achieving those goals and create long lasting change.

Personalised nutrition assessment/

This is the starting point for my services. This is suited to anyone who wants to see me just once and get their nutrition questions answered, their current diet/lifestyle assessed and to be given the key information needed to achieve their goals. You will receive immediate professional feedback and written recommendations on how to change and improve your current diet and lifestyle in order to reach your personal goal..

1-1 Personal Training

This service is in addition to the nutrition services and offers you to learn how to lift weights effectively and safely to avoid injury and learn how to move correctly in the gym with safe technique. Programmes are personalised to the individuals goals and current fitness levels, therefore providing the ultimate service to achieve your goal.

Semi-private Personal Training (groups up to 4)

This service is in addition to the nutrition services and offers you to learn how to lift weights effectively and safely to avoid injury and learn how to move correctly in the gym with safe technique in a small group environment. These groups are limited to 4 to offer a high level of attention to everyone in the group. Programmes outside of the sessions are personalised to accompany the group sessions.

Online nutrition and training coaching

This package is for someone who is more confident and experienced in the gym and doesn’t need the regular coaching sessions of 1-1/semi-private. Training and nutrition programming are personalised to your specific goals, with ongoing monthly check ups to maintain high levels of motivation to achieve your goals.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

“I first approached Adam before turning 40 to make a commitment to exercise and diet management and 5 years later I am still loving the accountability of training with
Adam every week. He’s knowledgeable, kind, funny and totally keeps me on track!
Highly recommended!”


“I started working with Adam over 5 yrs ago as I wanted to lose weight and improve my fitness. Initially our PT sessions were focussed on these 2 goals, but when I discovered and fell in love with running Adam adapted our training sessions so they helped me get the best out of my running. With Adams encouragement my fitness goals evolved to be more running focused. Adams PT sessions, training plans and nutrition advice have helped me achieve so much and smash my goals. To date I have completed five half marathons and one full marathon with a target of completing more marathons and possibly a half iron man in the future with Adams support. I would recommend Adam to anyone who is looking for a Personal Trainer who is knowledgeable in his field and keep you focused on and helps you
achieve your goals.”


"My name is John and I am 67 years old. Adam had been my PT for over 5 years now, since I
had a replacement knee. I have a tendency to put on weight and working with Adam had
helped manage that, as well as keeping my old bones and muscles functioning properly.
Cannot recommend Adam enough."